Capital Punishment

There are many issues that result in complex debates and I’m still undecided on what my view is. However, when it comes to the death penalty, I am 100% in favour of making it British law.  The system as it stands is incredibly unfair, as people are not punished correctly.

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of James Bulger’s murder, and although the case is used as an example in many arguments, I feel it exactly illustrates my point. You probably know that his killers, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, served a pathetic 8 years in prison before being given new identities upon release.

I watched an interview with Denise Fergus (James’ mum) who criticized the system as ‘letting people get away with murder’.  I wholeheartedly agree. They’ve took someone’s life so shouldn’t be allowed to life.  In the case of Venables and Thompson, a whole lot of public money was spent on giving them a life and protecting them. What about James’ life? This is so wrong. Just kikll them and don’t waste another penny on murderers.

I understand that sometimes people are wrongly accused which makes the death penalty seem out of order. However, I feel if the proof is undeniable i.e. caught on video, there is no reason why the highest punishment shouldn’t be given. The system as it is doesn’t act as a deterrent and in my opinion, only death would. Prison doesn’t scare people nowadays and everyone would sooner go to jail than die. But they don’t deserve this luxury.

This obviously is a contentious topic and I hopefully have begun a debate. These are my personal views; quite strong as they are, but I’d like people to respond, whatever their view is and I can publish it on the blog. Please get stuck in and E-Mail Please don’t worry if spelling/grammar is an issue, I’ll take the time to correct it.

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